Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wall Street to Main Street: "We Don't Buy It."

Just saw an article on Yahoo that again talks about how Main Street is so not in to Wall Street these days.  Money is being pulled out of stock funds and stashed in bond funds, etc. etc.

This is usually teed up as a bearish circumstance, the argument being: Main Steeet boycots Wall Street so stock prices stop going up. But let's step back for a moment:  if the reverse were happening, if the average investor were funneling all their money into the stock market, wouldn't THAT be held up as a bearish sign, the argument being that the little guy always gets in at the top?

I'm not making any market calls, all I'm saying is that some observers want to have it both ways: little guy doesn't invest--bad for stock prices/little guy does invest--bad for stock prices.

Which one is it?  Can it be both?  Neither?  Enquiring minds want to know...

Check out article here.

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